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--Production base--
Dongguan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0769-87306033
Fax: 0769-87306199
URL: www.kingpinkeji.com
Address: Dongguan Qingxi fishing beam Wai Village Silver Pocket Four Road, No. 3rd


Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in2008, the company was founded at the beginning, mainly engaged in the film, protective film series film products production and sales. Our main customers are: Omron, New Asia, Jingjia, Treasure Ming and other enterprises, products are widely used in the international and domestic well-known brands of mobile phone industry chain.

With the expansion of the company's business, Shenzhen Jin bin in2013 in Dongguan set up a production base--Dongguan Electronic Material Co., Ltd.。 Investment and construction of Chi Pe dust-free workshop, automatic coating production line, high-precision mirror grinding Machine, high-precisionCNC engraving machine and other equipment, production range from the film, protective film, extended to the film, AG Film and other optical main materials.
   Since its inception, our"Work hard" purpose, and actively promote the "science and technology, quality, environmental protection" concept. Through cooperation with the relevant institutions to develop and develop a variety of independent intellectual property rights of the products. The company has now applied for invention patent Two, and successfully passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.
   The company has a professional and technical strength and a strong sense of service team, the customer has put forward"Continuous improvement, listen attentively, sincere cooperation," the service commitment, has been recognized by many customers, the company in many customers with the help of the rapid development. has set up a research and development sales Service Center in Shenzhen, Xiamen branch, Suzhou Branch, Dongguan production base, the nearest service company customers.

Our goal: to become the leading domestic film, protective film, luster film,AG Film and other products suppliers!