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The development trend of green film in European market
Edit:Dongguan Electronic Material Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-09

Europe needs a lot of High-tech super automatic equipment to deal with abandoned green membrane because of rising labor costs, even so, green off membrane equipment can not completely replace the artificial. At present, the European green film industry is facing a serious challenge. The European Green film industry is facing severe challenges. At all levels of LDPE green from the film thickness is very thin, after the machine wash, dry plastic green from the film quality than before will be reduced, which will affect the regeneration of green from the film two times sales. At present, in addition to LDPE, other materials such as PET, pp Green film recycling is also faced with the same difficult problem.

Once the green off the film product quality has declined, its sales will inevitably be greatly affected. Foreign sources said that the current European green off the film has been almost no one, although local manufacturers are still struggling to find a way out, but still unable to control the next year in Europe, the new green film industry market trend.

Green from the film in the preservation of the time, to prevent the product exposure, smoke, fire, otherwise its service life will be shortened. The best way to store it is to dig the pit and bury it. After the production, remove the green from the film to first wash and dry, rolled out with the old green out of the film wrapped up, choose the soil dry and wet degree of the place to dig a pit, and then the package of green from the film into the pit buried. Note that the green from the top of the film from the ground distance of more than 30cm. This method can avoid the aging and brittle of the agricultural film in the air, and shorten the service life.