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Selection of antistatic membrane material as raw material advantage analysis of antistatic film-free membrane
Edit:Dongguan Electronic Material Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-09

Antistatic film is due to the production of chemical weapons, and the birth of a product, the original Anti-Static film is against the gas to protect the individual respiratory tract of a protective equipment. Today, anti-static material from the film has been from the original normal PVC rubber material to silicone rubber material, thermoplastic elastomerAntistatic off-Film
On the marketAntistatic off-FilmThe style and design of a variety of, most of the structure is made of hard plastic and soft rubber materials compound. and hard plastic generally refers to thermosetting plastic, is generally used hot-pressing process, after molding can not be used for plastic processing, generally speaking hard plastic is a kind of raw plastic, feel more hard, but not very durable, and in the anti-static from the film, hard plastic is used to support mask, so that the air can be effectively circulated; and soft rubber material is used plastic through injection molding, at room temperature feel is relatively soft, it is because of soft rubber materials, so that people wear anti-static film and human contact will have a certain degree of comfort. WithAntistatic off-FilmThe birth of materials, anti-static film in the production process, the use of the material has two kinds, one is silica gel, the other is environmentally-friendly non-toxic anti-static film/TPR Soft adhesive materials.
Then antistatic from the membrane selection of antistatic membrane materials as raw materials, the main factors are as follows: first, environmental protection non-toxic, safe. Antistatic off-Film it has not only high elasticity of rubber, high-strength and high resilience, but also has some of the characteristics of injection molding, it is not only environmentally-friendly non-toxic safety characteristics, but also the range of hardness is very wide, and has excellent coloring, not only relatively soft touch, but also has excellent weather resistance, Resistance to fatigue and temperature resistance characteristics. Second, soft touch: antistatic film materials can provide suitable hardness of materials, in contact with the facial comfort and strength of the material between, they can find a balance of the fulcrum, now antistatic film is the use of soft and anti-static from the film material, both of which have a good low-temperature resistance performance. Three or one body forming: antistatic film material can be covered by injection molding, directly with the PP material mask adhesive and become a whole, and without the aid of adhesives and other pasted supplies can be assembled, but for Antistatic from the membrane material is suitable for the middle end of the anti-static film, anti-static material can be recycled through the recovery of 100% recycled.