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How does the separation film differentiate?
Edit:Dongguan Electronic Material Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-09

Off-type film is the film surface can be differentiated film, the separation film and specific materials under the limited conditions of contact does not have a sticky, or slightly viscous.

Off-film, also known as Peel film, isolation film, separation film, blocking film, from the film, film, plastic film, mask film, silicone oil film, silicone paper, anti-mucous membrane, sheet, skid film, days that paper, off-type paper, Silliconfilm, release film.

Usually, in order to increase the plastic film's free form Force, will be the plastic film to do plasma treatment, or coating fluorine treatment, or coated silicon (silicone) from the surface of the film material, such as pet, PE, OPP, etc., so that it for a variety of different organic pressure-sensing adhesive (such as hot melt glue, Acrylic rubber and rubber pressure-sensing adhesive can show a very light and stable out of shape. According to the different requirements of the separation of the type of film, segregation of the adhesive viscosity of the product, the type of force should be adjusted, so that in the peel to achieve a very light and stable from the force.

Application Range

Electronics, automotive foam, printing and so on, its use of most of the area and have sticky together, especially tape products. See the table below for details