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The free film can be divided into two types according to color
Edit:Dongguan Electronic Material Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-09

Red from the film, yellow from the film, Green from the film, blue off the film and other colors of the film.

According to the surface treatment can be divided into

Single-sided off-film, double-sided off-film, silicon-free film, fluorine-plastic from the film, one-sided corona, double-sided Corona, matte away from the film, matte film and so on.

Single-Sided off-film:

HDPE (low pressure polyethylene) off-film; for sealing tape, such as waterproof membrane, such as LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) from the film, mechanical product packaging, hot melt adhesive packaging, health care supplies (urine is not wet), anti-corrosion coil, such as Bopp (tensile polypropylene) from the film; for sealing tape, Silent tape, such as pet (tensile polyester) off-type film, back-adhesive protection, such as double-sided off-film, Red/Green Polyolefin (PE).

Double-sided off-film:

Used for foam adhesive tape transparent Pet double-sided film, double-sided adhesive sunscreen Film (HDPE silver coating film), waterproof membrane for sunscreen cooling with enhanced aluminum base material Bopp (BOPET).

Application of OCA film to optical adhesive

OCA Optical glue, also known as OCA optical Scotch tape, is a kind of optical acrylic adhesive made of no substrate, the upper and lower sides of each of a layer of off the film and composed of a double-sided adhesive tape.

OCA Optical Glue Composition explanation

1, the upper-off type film and the lower-off film (due to the different from the optical colloid of the force, generally known as light off the film and the re-departure film). As a result of the use of optical glue, the upper and lower two layers of off-film are used in the optical-grade off film and its matching, with a much higher than the general film-free transmittance. In the upper and lower layers of optical film thickness, the upper-off type film (light off the film) the general thickness of 50um, 75um, under the film (re-leaving film) has 75um, 100um and other different thickness.

2, optical colloid, the main material is optical acrylic gum (or acrylic optical glue), light transmittance can reach 99%. Because of its different applications have different thickness: 75um, 100um, 125um, 150um, 175um, 200um, 250um and so on.

3, in the OCA industry, Mitsubishi OCA Quality has been the benchmark in the industry. Of course, the quality requirements of the OCA film for Mitsubishi's lamination are also extremely high. The matching Mitsubishi OCA of the film must be optical-grade, the separation of the membrane material can not be cut off surface lousiness, hair crumbs, the overall off the film surface can not be dirty and foreign body bad, no scratches, requirements of high purity and smoothness.